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The country is proud of its cocoon, and the records of its neighbours do bother Oman much. Yet, Oman is a top diaspora for traditions and culture that has been vouched for ages. The locals own the identity of warmth and acceptability. The ambience will treat you with a unique and classy frankincense scent. Travellers get a bonus by engaging with the Arab culture without the shimmering opulence of its resources. Windy deserts, breathtaking landscapes and neat corniches sense the ancient era in a modern setup.



The reigning king in 1834, Imam Said Bin Sultan, raised the towers and entrance of this fort. The massive structure has a base of Islamic architecture and offers heartbeat-skipping sights. The panoramic lens of the fort is worth a collage in your living room. You will find the fort windy once you step in, thanks to the design of the windows to keep the structure cool in those times. Many forts in Oman are guarded by rugged rocks, making the construction work easy and crucial for the invaders to step in. Nakhal Fort is a top Omani tourist attraction.



Moving towards the southern region of Oman, a chink of land is separated by a desert. Thanks to the geological bonus, Dhofar is quiet, scenic and serene. The setup is quite contagious as it becomes hard to believe how a desert is transformed into a lush green patch after seasonal rains. You will find swans, some migratory wings and an archeological arrangement to muse you. Dhofar is a tiny marvel that is like a rare gem on the Arabian crown. The amazing Salalah is quite endearing with ancient ruins of former kingdoms.



Well guarded by the Omani spikes and wedged decently with the oceans on the other side, Muscat is soft and easy. The neatly carved corniche punctuated with clean parks and Arabian souks visit the Omani capital. The most unexampled sunsets are in Muscat. As the sun dips, the city comes to live with locals brewing at casual cafes or dine outs. The lifestyle of Muscat is laid back as the locals absorb at their own pace. With a soft callout for prayers at a nearby mosque, the city redirects itself to surrender to the one and only.

Local culture & heritage


The national dress for Omani men is a long ankle-length gown without collars. Usually, the clothing of men called dishdasha is white. Still, occasionally, it is worn in lilac and brown colours as well. Men pair it with a turban called the muzzar. An essential element of male elegance is the khanjar which is a curved dagger worn at ceremonial gatherings. The female national dress is worn over a pair of trousers and a headdress called lihaf. The material used for female dressing is vibrant, colourful and embroidered for special occasions.


Oman has been positioned as a huge trading platform. Countries like Iran, India, Eastern Mediterranean and Africa have left their flavoured imprints on Omani cuisine. Dishes are commonly based on fish, chicken and lamb, along with a staple of rice. Travellers will relish marinated meats and vegetables tossed with local herbs and spices. Kabsa is the nation's favourite. It is also known as machboos in the Persian Gulf region.

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Musandam is an Omani stretch that narattes the secret realms from the Omani land away from the nearby vibrant UAE. With closely knit neighbours, Musandam takes its stance for diving, snokelling and cruise tours. Tiny villages and rugged mountains are prominent features of their attraction. The peninsula rests with its cultural whimsicality. Your Omani trip is incomplete without a day tour at Musandam.


Hajar mountains are a top tourist attraction in Oman, rugged, rustic, and steeped to great heights and ranges. The nearby city is historic and grand. Nizwa is a host to a vast souq and Grand Mosque. Acting as a gateway to the majestic mountains, travellers have multiple hosts like Jebel Shams, Wadi Ghul, and Jebel Akhdar. The country's famous forts Bahla and Zabreen, are dotted here. A day trip from Muscat will fetch you sweet spots meant to visit and admire. An off beat Omani highlight that makes your heart skip a beat.


Traditionally crafted metal delights

Traditionally crafted metal delights

Souks take centre stage here. Alongside the corniche or stalled in the city's narrow lanes, shopping is raw and rustic here. Travellers are left amused by the variety of hand-knit carpets that light up the vibrant souks of Oman. You will also find high-end showrooms and malls. But Oman remains low-key and allows you to absorb at your own pace. Traditional dresses, metal jewellery, showpieces of ceramic and copper, unique itwms like ceremonail daggers take the centre stage in this country. Food is terrific here, and you will find the same taste and flavour at all outlets and stalls. Do not miss the coined headgears that are beautifully cast for women.


Adventurous and enjoyment in the slow pace

Oman is laid back and does not rush. The country enjoys its stance and does not get bothered much about the sparkles around. You will experience thrilling activities along side the warm waters. An evening walk in the nearby neat park will refresh you after a day-long of tiredness. The culture and traditions of Oman are undoctored and give you an original frame of how kingdoms used to function and celebrate. Visitors will find forts vital to their trip as Oman was vulnerable to occupancies and intruders.

Sights & Attractions

Appealing and relentless

Your Omani holiday will never fall short of things to do in Oman. Beaches and mountains offer oodles of activities and sports to enjoy. Mountaineering and hiking are exhaustive and meant for advanced levels. But you can learn diving and snorkelling here to experience the underworld. Visit to mosques is a free entry but dress decently. Driving on roads is a nightmare but day coaches are smooth and safe. Cuisines are curated to impress you by following the old traditional method of cooking. The locals love to it around a vast low height table and eat together. Hospitality is the core reason for visitors to opt for this destination for a holiday.


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